8 Important Sound Tips (For Podcast Hosts & Guests)

Every Podcaster’s Goal:
Get the best audio quality possible. Your audience deserves your undivided attention to achieving a sound that’s easy to enjoy.

So let’s look at some things to consider!

1. Audio only
While conducting an interview on Skype, keep the video off. This is for a few reasons:

  • Better audio quality without the video using data (“juice”)
  • You may react to body language unconsciously and leave the listener confused!
  • Your podcast guest will likely feel less self-conscious, not having to worry about how he/she looks

2. Increase bandwidth and strength of internet and Skype connection:

  • Shut off other things running in the background (lots of open browser windows, Dropbox or Google Drive syncing, file downloads or streaming)
  • “Hardwire” into your modem – no wifi whenever possible.
  • Reduce competing use of bandwidth from others in house or office, if possible (if others are streaming videos or downloading large files it will affect your connection and audio quality).

3. Turn off all notifications on your computer and phone.

  • Silence your cell phone
  • Turn off notifications from Skype, Facebook, iMessage, Email, calendars, etc.
  • Disconnect landlines in the room (if that still exists ;))

4. Where are you?

  • Try not to be in a room with hardwood floors. But if you must, lay rugs or blankets down to help reduce the echo. You can even set up a ‘sound fort’ with blankets if recording from home. It’s fun (ask kids to assist building it).
  • Don’t sit facing a wall 5 feet or less in front of you.
  • Do you live next to a church or fire station? Even though the sound might originate several hundred feet away, we can’t edit out something as loud as church bells or fire alarms.

In a car:

  • This is actually okay because the upholstery soaks up reverberation. Just DO NOT do it while driving and turn off AC and engine.

Coffee shops and co-working spaces:

  • These are not ideal because you will not be able to speak at full volume and project your voice clearly and confidently. You try and be quiet to not disturb others and that destroys your audio quality.

Are you in a crowded space like a conference hall?

  • That’s okay. We can edit down those noises so they don’t detract from you or your guest.
    Just make sure you’re at least 10 feet from the closest person who isn’t a part of the interview.

5. Reduce echo in room you are in and sounds from outside:

  • Close doors and windows.
  • Close curtains or drapes on windows.
  • Strategically place sound-absorbing furnishings, rugs, and blankets where needed.

6. Tell others in the house or office not to disturb. 🙂

  • Hang a little sign outside the door if needed.

7. Switch off noisy appliances- TVs, radios, air conditioners, fans, etc.

  • If your computer fan is running loudly: Go into settings and reduce the fan speed.
  • Make sure you close out all unnecessary programs and reboot your system so you don’t cause any damage.

8. ????. 🙂

  • Don’t _____.
  • No _____ on the computer.
  • No table _____, pen _____, paper _____.
  • Also, avoid _____ with your _____ during the interview (it creates a ____________).
  • If you are using _____ that _____, keep your _____ away from it (_____ causes static sounds too) and if you can_____, that will help prevent noise from _____________________.

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