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Watch a presentation given by Co-Founder Dominick Sirianni

September 2016: Education Panel at IMPACT16 on content marketing and repurposing engaging content.

Podtent Marketing

What if there were a proven way that you could grow your audience, reach, network, and industry authority? Oh, sales would increase too.

While putting -- at the center -- the form of communication most natural to us?

Forget trends.

We're talking about since the dawn of human existence.

Have you ever been frustrated by?

- writer's block
- blogs that get zero shares or engagement
- difficulty getting guest posts that could forge industry partnerships and cross-audience pollination (successful people are busy!)
- uninspired or dormant social media profiles
- lower-than-desired traffic and industry authority
- lack of a fully documented, leveraged, and consistent content marketing strategy

You aren't alone.

According to research:
- 88%
of companies are engaging in content marketing activities

- But 67% don’t have an actual content marketing strategy

- Only 30% of marketers report their organizations are effective at content marketing
- Yet 76% are producing more content in 2016 than they did in 2015

There is an obvious problem here.

Throwing more money at ill-defined, ineffective activities only makes them less effective and less efficient.

The Solution!

We have tested and tweaked (in both our own business ventures and for many clients) a solution that can work for you too.

The average Podtent Marketing client time investment of 1 hour per month can produce 50+ pieces of shareable, quality content.

(We aren't exaggerating here. We have a plan that we expertly execute on and take the stress and hassle completely off your plate.)

But just creating content is not a full strategy.

You know this. We know this.

And it's not effective if no one cares and shares. Just pumping out blogs and tweets will not set you apart from your competition and it won't resonate with your audience.

Speaking of standing out in a sea of competitors...

Did you know that for every 2000 blogs on a subject, there is only 1 podcast?

(And that ratio jumps to a staggering 7500 to 1 for female-lead ventures)...


christoph trappe

"This is an untapped goldmine for companies who know how to leverage marketing tools, authentic communication, and human psychology."

Christoph Trappe, Author of Authentic Storytelling


There's a huge opportunity here.

And we all know that marketing today is more complex than just pumping out advertisements.

Consumers do not like being 'talked at.'

They want to be 'talked with.'

They want to be a part of the conversation.

So hiring a bigger team of writers, designers, and social media managers is inefficient, expensive, and a headache to manage.

Plus that's just doing more of the same.

So what works?

  • Understand the rise of current technologies: there's a boom in audio and video
  • Leverage important fundamental principles of human psychology and communication: people love to listen to great stories and audio is perfect for multi-tasking

We show you the way.

We do the heavy lifting for you too.


"Dominick and Laura have the boiled down the essentials and know the steps to follow to define, track, and achieve your marketing goals."

Sinan Kanatsiz, CEO of KCOMM & Founder of the Internet Marketing Association

A little about us...

podtent marketing core teamOur names are Dominick Sirianni and Laura Petersen. We are the founders of Podtent Marketing.

We are the founders of Podtent Marketing.

With extensive backgrounds in marketing, psychology, business, and podcasting, we help established companies fully leverage their content marketing efforts by putting podcasting to work for them at the center of a well-defined and systematized strategy.

We help clients achieve significant results without your having to worry about a thing.


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