Monetizing Your Podcast: Our ‘Guestographic’ and ‘Perfect Sales Funnel’ Building Case Study [Day 1]

Day 1 (8.25.16)

So today I decided I wanted to get a funnel set up for Podtent Marketing. Up until this point we had some lead captures, but they weren’t great and haven’t been looked at in months as we’ve focused on new clients and other projects (like my podcast Copy That Pops).

But today I felt like today was the day to make some headway.

So I wrote down (on paper…with my big cup of coffee in my in-law’s living room — we are visiting my husband’s family for a couple weeks after wrapping up our 10-month European adventure) my thoughts for what the pieces of the funnel would include.

I think now along Screw the Nine to Five’s “Perfect Sales Funnel” format.

  1. Read Magnet – RM (blog, video, quality content free and publically available)
  2. Lead Magnet – LM (freebie quick-win to download in exchange for an email)
  3. Intro Offer – IO ($1-$20 product, a ‘trip wire,’ something to get a prospect saying ‘yes’ and making a purchase)
  4. Core Offer РCO (Usually 5x or more in cost than your Intro Offer, whatever product/service that is an all-encompassing solution to your audience)

So, I got to thinking about the following:
RM: Blog on How to Monetize Your Podcast
LM: Checklist for Starting to Monetize Your Podcast
IO: Email templates to get sponsors, best resources to find affiliates & what they pay out, etc.
CO: Pre-sale a full course on podcasting¬†or a pitch for our full podtent services…still thinking

Later in the day, I went to Starbucks to get some more work down and did a bunch of Googling on the topic of podcast monetization to add to what Dominick and I already had documented for our clients.

starbucks working day 1 on podcast monetization blog infographic

I found some good blogs — most all of them cited John Lee Dumas (not surprisingly ;)) — but I never found a good visual. And some examples like JLD almost seemed overused. What about other genres? What about female podcasters? What about different sized shows?

I found myself sketching out a chart that I could make as maybe the LM to give away as a downloadable in exchange for someone’s email.

Then I found myself making it in Google Docs as a spreadsheet.

Okay, I spent way too much time searching for info on different shows, but all of the sudden I really really wanted to fill out the chart!

Here’s what I have so far:

podcast monetization chart - just started

It’s NOT complete, so don’t freak out if the info is incorrect or missing. I just put in what I knew of off the top of my head or was easy to quickly find.

I started thinking I should pay a V.A. to help fill this in instead of spending more time on it! haha

But excited with my progress, I sent it over to Dominick and our lead Producer Gregg Clunis (also on the list above with his show). Gregg loved the concept right away and said I had somethin’ going here!

We both feel at times sick of reading long blogs and liked the idea of a compelling, informative visual.

So he pointed me to a great blog by Brian Dean of Backlinko with the Guestographic strategy.

His approach is to make a kick-ass infographic on a popular topic and reach out to blogs with that topic and see if they’d like a ‘mini guest post’ using the infographic as a way to drive traffic, name recognition, and email list building. (The steps are more elegant and detailed than that summary).

So it’s got me thinking about taking some of the info from this chart and paying someone on to create an infographic for me to use.

My first search:

fiverr for infographic creation

Gregg — smart biz and podcasting entrepreneur that he is — recommended I document this process and share it with everyone in case it can help you see how to implement a similar strategy.

So, here’s day 1’s efforts!

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