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8 Podcast Show Format Options

So you wanna start a podcast. But you aren’t sure what kind of show format to choose? What’s even possible? Ultimately, your show format is an extension of your personality, tone, goals, and logistics centering around where you will record from most often. So let’s look at some questions to consider and options you can…

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Heather Dubrow’s World (Guest: Real Housewives of Orange County Star)

Podcast Guest: Heather Dubrow (@HeatherDubrow) Heather is an actress, reality TV star, entrepreneur, wife to renowned plastic surgeon Terry Dubrow, and mom of four. Known for her appearance on The Real Housewives of Orange County and numerous television shows, she currently has a new podcast out called Heather Dubrow’s World Podcast, an anti-aging skin care line,…

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Grab Attention and Legitimacy Using a Podcast (Guest: Former U.S. Marine Timothy Lawson)

Podcast Guest: Timothy Lawson (@TimLawson21) Tim is a former marine who transitioned after his service into pursuing a passion for journalism and specifically podcasting. He is the founder of Lawson Entertainment and host of numerous successful podcast series including the One 2 Many Project (on Twitter @One2ManyProject) which addresses the crisis of veteran suicide through…

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