Podcasting: More than Just iTunes

Forbes recently said there are five reasons why companies should be podcasting. Topping the list is efficiently repurposing content and driving profitability.

Unlike sexy but short-lived technical marvels – think 3D TV and non-hovering hoverboards – podcasting was recently described by the New York Times as “a slow and unrelenting digital tortoise that could eventually – but who knows – slay the analog behemoths in its path.”

High-quality content producers (ie. NPR) are producing shows like Serial and driving millions of downloads. Almost 20% of Americans are now consistently listening to podcasts. At the same time, heavy hitters like General Electric and Amazon are not only advertising on podcasts but, in a throwback to the early days of television, are producing shows to bring even more listeners to their message.

Advertisers flock to podcasts because the ads work. According to same Times article, “Large and small advertisers report a significant upside to the campaigns they run on podcasts, and ad rates on top-tier podcasts, approach $100 per thousand listeners.

Edison Research reports that podcasting is a medium where 90% of listeners take action because of the advertisements on their favorite shows. While 4% of consumers enjoy the commercials on traditional media (radio and TV), two thirds of podcast listeners actually like the ads they hear.

The ultimate value of a podcast isn’t obvious thought. Sure you get an engaging form of content that literally speaks to your audience but there’s more.

Podcasts are now an integral part of a comprehensive content marketing strategy. The first companies to embrace this concept and start producing a podcast will not only have a leg up on their competitors – think of the first companies to engage in internet marketing – but they will also have a consistent stream of ideas and concepts to easily generate shareable content for more traditional mediums like blogs, tweets, and Facebook updates.


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